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And this is it. The cave is back in Mark 4, but more about that when i post a actually mixed recorded from it.

Anyway back to this offering. Now I wasn't mixing or even into dnb when any of these tunes originally came out, the only way I discovered these gems is via the help of old skool tape packs, other DJ's online mixes, and tracks appearing on LP's that i brought for other reasons.
The aim of this outing was to create a mix that sums up what i feel it would have been like listening to back2back pirate radio sets in the early nineties on a Sunday afternoon just after lunch with some of the lads round.

No real back2back on this one just me going deep. Anyone in the know with old dnb music will know most of these, but if you're only used to mixes CDs and tape packs from the pre-96 period, you might find find a few you don't recognise. For example i am unaware of Origination - Music Takes Control & Mirage - Personal appearing on any commercial/bootlegged mix tapes. I could be wrong though.

Metalheads - You And Me [Synthetic]
Origination - Music Takes Control [Rudeboy Records]
Tom & Jerry - A Patch of Blue [Tom & Jerry]
Chalke - The Resurrection [Force of Nature]
Grooverider - Sinister (Remix) [Reinforced]
A-Sides and Nut E-1 - Tonight [Bare Necessities]
LTJ Bukem - Coolin’ Out [Good Looking]
Mirage - Personal [Odysee]
Photek - The Rain (Remix) [Razors Edge]
Sounds of Life - Don’t Resist The Beat [Certificate 18]
System Ex - Say It [3rd Eye]
Danny Breaks - Droppin Science Pt2 (EZ Rollers Remix) [Droppin’ Science]
Wax Doctor - Kid Caprice [Metalheadz]
Hieroglyphix - Destiny [Looking Good]
Intensity - Generations [Basement]
Photek - The Water Margin [Photek Productions]
Andy C - Cool Down [RAM]


You won't get this many more times this year, two mixes in a month.
More dnb for you. Real mixed bag this one, with a liquid backbone. Some of the tunes that have been waiting patiently for the entire series so far have finally arrived.

As you can see from the title and the graphic no theme just the second mix of the month featuring some real rollers.

ASC & Synkro - Borderline [Auxiliary]
Data - Compassion [Metalheadz]
Skream - Firecall (dBridge edit) [Unreleased]
DRS ft Enei - Count to Ten [Soul:R]
Spectrasoul - Four Points [Metalheadz]
Calibre - Hustlin’ [Signature]
Random Movement - Stars in the dark [Bassbin]
Spirit - Spellbound [Metalheadz]
Mr P - Ronaldo [Cubik]
Calibre - Drop it Down [Signature]
Solid State - Just A Vision (Marcus Intalex Remix) [Renegade Recordings]
Lynx ft Kemo - Carnivale [Soul:R]
Calibre - Feeling Happy [Signature]
Marky & XRS - Backspin [Innerground]
dBridge - On Your Mind [Soul:R]
Tanya Louise - Deep In You (Ed Rush/Nico Mix) [Multiply Records]
Technical Itch - Conscious [Moving Shadow]



Well it's been a while bit I'm still here and ready to drop another mix for your summer afternoons, recorded back in 2012 in the den mk3, this one is surprising in the fact that 5 years into the podcast these 90's dnb tunes haven't been been played yet.(Diggers Warning: There are some anthems in here). But with this mix it was worth the wait let me tell you. Heavy on the amen in the beginning before lightening up in the middle, then going back into the amen for the close.

NOTE: The den's activities have ceased for a bit(i know, obviously) while life gets a serious for a while, but I hope to present a brand new den set-up in 2015. And for the time in-between the den with be going roadshow, with recorded live parties and random mix sessions where possible. But never mind all that I've got at least 2 more already in the bank for '13 and will drop them over the summer.

The summer is here, Let the good vibrations ring out through your speakers.

Remarc - Soundmurder (Loafin’ in Brockley Mix) [Whitehouse]
Danny Breaks - Step Off (Splash Remix) [Droppin’ Science]
Source Direct - Exit 9 [Source Direct]
Dillinja - In The Mood [Mo Wax]
Intense - Only You [Creative Source]
Rob D - Clubbed to Death (Peshay Remix) [Mo Wax]
Future Engineers - The Silence [Renegade Recordings]
Source Direct - The Crane [Source Direct]
Remarc - R.I.P (Remarc Remix) [Suburban Base]
Omni Trio - Renegade Snares (Roasted Rollin’ Mix) [Moving Shadow]
Axis - Euphony [Looking Good]
Source Direct - Different Groove [Odysee]
P-Funk - P-Funk Era [Frontline]
Nookie - The Eclipse [Reinforced]
Mirage - Feel My Dreams [Odysee]
Attica Blues - Blueprint (Photek Remix) [Mo Wax]
DJ SS - Rollidge [Formation]
Alias - Long Time [Bassbin]

Till the next one.


Alright, who wants some?
Dark beats for the long evenings ahead, not much to say before this one, just some big blends, get in!

Acid Lab - Dark Orbit (Original Mix) [Break:fast Audio]
Bjork - I Miss You (Photek Remix) [Little Indian]
Ray Keith - Rare Groove [Penny Black]
Seba & Kristy Hawkshaw - Devotion [Secret Operations]
Seba & Paradox - Time Starts Now [Horizons]
Density - Who Want Some [Punctured Light]
Seba - 34 Alpha [Secret Operations]
Fanu - Amok [Lightless]
Loxy & Ink - Shine VIP [Metalheadz]
Seba & Paradox - Can’t Let go [Paradox Music]
DKay & Rawful - Be There 4 U (Dylan & Rob Chaos Remix) [Freak]
Logistics - Warehouse [Hospital]
DJ Fresh - Heavyweight [Digital Soundboy]
Soul Intent - Haunted [Blindside]
Technical Itch - Soldiers (Dylan & Rob Chaos Remix) [Tech Freak]
B-Key - Man Of Science [Scientific Wax]

See ya on the next one, Enjoy



This one's another big mix. The theme this time is (was supposed to be) that an artist gets one shot (track) only in the mix, but i have to mention that Dev and his Alaska moniker is the one exception to the rule. but if you have as many Dev Pandya tunes as i have, it's too hard not to play two.

Again all tunes you won't have heard from the den before! Some liquid, some amen, a good looking tune, a little tech and a subvert central tune!!! But they're all rollers!!!

Calibre - Why Time [Soul:R]
Tronik 100 - Reachin' [Renegade]
Q Project - Radar [Good Looking]
Pieter K - Maze [Subvert Central]
Nebula - Sound Barrier [Bustle Beats]
Breakage - So Vain (Remix) [Bassbin]
Alaska - Arcosphere [Arctic]
Break & Silent Witness - Dialling Out [Critical]
Teebee - Silent Depths [Certificate 18]
Paradox - Tomorrow's Tomorrow [Paradox Music]
Commix - Strictly [Metalheadz]
Random Movement - Struggle to the Grave [Bassbin]
Marcus Intalex & ST Files - Lover [Soul:R]
D.Kay - Quiet Earth [Renegade]
Artificial Intelligence - Sky High [V Recordings]
D Bridge - These Little Things [Metalheadz]

Now tell me you didn't enjoy that!


Check it out folks, the Sunday selection returns for the 13th outing, dnb style, it's a deep one taking you through the spectrum of labels from "BUKEM RARE" to "Limited Edition" with a touch of "Coloured Vinyl"

Assuming this brings you at least one track you won't have heard before, another lesson in the intricate framework that is drum'n'bass

dBridge - City of Lonely Runaways [Disfigured Dubz]
Innervisions - Static Link [Reinforced]
Shogun - Nautilus (Mouly + Lucida Mix) [Renegade Recordings]
DJ Trace - Any Means Necessary [DeeJay]
Futurebound - Sorrow [Skanna]
J Majik - Jim Kutta [Metalheadz]
Krust - Soul In Motion [Full Cycle]
Indigo - Symbol #7.3 [Auxiliary: Symbols]
ASC - Spilway [Auxiliary Transmissions]
Synkro & Indigo - Reflections [Exit]
ASC & Sam KDC - Kaleidoscope [Auxiliary]
Ella Jones - Lately (Fracture’s Astrophonica Remix) [Warm Connections]
Spectrasoul - Away With Me ft Tamara Blessa (Calibre Remix) [Shogun Audio]
Paradox - Aphorismic [Paradox Music]
Grooverider - Starbase 23 [Sony]
Goldie - Freedom [Metalheadz]



Every cloud...

Klute - Kickin' Tha Habit [Commercial Suicide]
Influx Datum - Dayz Of Glory [Headquarters]
Mute & Mako - Who Knows [Mars Recordings]
Robert Manos - Madness [Secret Operations]
J-Majik & Wickerman - Old Headz [Metalheadz]
Enei - Stonehead [Critical]
Noisia & Phace - Floating Zero [Invisible]
Slider & Expose - Hooked (Survival Remix) [Translation Recordings]
Makoto - You Make Me Feel [Good Looking]
Commix - Painted Smile [Metalheadz MPFree]
Acid Lab - System [sYncoPathic]
J-Majik & Wickerman - Ritual [Metalheadz]
Ill.Skillz - Be there for You (Concord Dawn Remix) [Freak]
Marky & XRS - Closer [Soul:R]
Teebee - White Venom [Metalheadz]
Paradox & Nucleus - Think About It [Offshore]
Nebula - erseveR [Scientific Wax MPFree]

This one's huge, giving the liquid love a run for its money on the vibes.
Rollin'!!! a little Serato looping going on, Howie see if you notice it, everyone else just enjoy.

Sorry for the extended wait. More on that another time Continuing with the dnb focus, this one is for the liquid lover. Sink your teeth into this, A range of liquid tunes from as far back as 2001, not chocked full of the anthems of the either (I've played most of those in other mixes) but some new , old and the under appreciated. Spectrasoul - Away With Me [Shogun Audio] dRamatic & dbAudio ft Grimm - Far Away [Mars Recordings] Peshay - Take Me Higher [Cubik] Calibre - Rejack [Creative Source] Carlito - So Good [Defunked] Paradox & Nucleus - Dilenttantes (Remix) [Esoteric] Pascal - Jazz Juice [True Playaz] Dylan - House Sound [Freak] Mr P & Neil Mac - Bust This [Pandemic] Omni Trio - Renegade Snares (High Contrast Remix) [Moving Shadow] Dub-One - Never Forget [Scientific Wax] ASC & Synkro - Scared Moments [Auxiliary] DRS ft Lenzman, Jehst & Riya - Holding On [Soul:R] Carlito & Addiction - Make it Real [Creative Source] Influx Datum - Meant Love [Headquarters] D Kay - Manipulate the Universe [C.I.A] Lenzman - How Did I Let U Go [Metalheadz] Klute - Stuck On You [Commercial Suicide] Calibre - Fire & Water [Soul:R] High Contrast - Basement Track [Hospital] < Calibre - Foreign Bodies [Signature] < John B - I Like to Get it On [Renegade Recordings] Enjoy and keep the likes and comments coming, thanks

It's the dnb takeover, the beat cave is rattling from the bass. Digging in the crates for a mix of many styles, you know how it is.

Breakage - 4Me [Critical]
High Contrast - Amen Sister [Hospital]
Paradox & Nucleus - Past, Present & Future [Reinforced]
Consequence - Oden [Exit]
Joe Seven - Untitled Monotron [Exit]
D Bridge - Cornered [Metalheadz]
Dylan - Blackout [Droppin’ Science]
Alaska & Paradox - Planet3 [Good Looking]
Seba - Soul 2000 [Good Looking]
Furi Agna - When Our World Jaded (Seba Remix) [Translation Recordings]
Synkro - Prologue [Blackout Limited]
Synkro - Progression [Exit]
Skitty - Principal [Renegade Hardware]
Theory - Not Your Fool [Translation Recordings]
Exclusion Principle - Don’t Live In Fear [Scientific Wax]
Pieter K - Set The Record Straight [Inperspective]



Back again, this time with the 130ish tempo breaking off to broken beat towards the end, lots of goodies in here.
Next couple podcasts will be dnb while I try to collate a nice flowing (yet unplayed) broken beat-ish tracklist, that might a while but it'll be worth it. Trust me!!

British summer is meant to kick in this weekend, have a good evening!
Haven't heard from the fans in while, hit me up let me know what your feeling.
Comments, emails, whichever? get involved.

Consequence - Timeloss [Darkestral Excursions]
Alaska - Novas [Arctic Music]
Bonobo - Terrpin (Mr Scruff Remix) [Tru Thoughts]
Martyn - JW On a Good Night [Revolve:r]
Mizz Beats - Scientific Experiment [Eglo]
Floating Points - K&G Beat [Planet Mu]
Mr Scruff - Chipmunk [Ninja Tune]
Mr Scruff - Mexicanos [A Cup of Tea]
Pete Rodriguez - I Like It Like That (Aaron Jerome Remix) [Fania Records]
Azymuth - Amazon Adventure (Jazzanova Remix) [JCA]
Bloodfire - The Funk President (Broken Mix) [Bloodfire]
Altered Natives - I’m Sexy [Eye4Eye]
Galaxy Group - Out of Control (Domu Bruk Remix) [Loveslap]
Eddie Yamrich - Yes I Am [MoreAboutMusic]
Martin Patino - Hommage A La Sodomie (Joash Remix) [Suara]
Amy Winehouse – In My Bed (Bugz In The Attic Dub) [BBE]
Cyberworks - Funk Cluster Re-Lick [Twisted Funk]
Kay Suzuki - Feelin U [Co-Op]



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