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Welcome, get ready to lose yourselves inside in the mix that is "Landscapes", spanning across the decades bringing you a smooth blend of atmospherics creating textured and deep landscapes. Plenty of amen in there.

I really like this one, (i like them actually)

Manifest - Revival [Renegade Recordings, 2001]
PHD & MC Conrad - Presence [Ascendant Grooves, 1996]
Big Bud - A Way Of Life [Good Looking, 1999]
Pieter K - Trefusis Point (Remix) [Breakbeat Science, 2002]
Nucleus + Paradox - Funkitivity [Paradox Music, 2003]
Alaska - Isochime [Arctic Music 2011]
Slieni - Green Blue Texture Jam [Thermal, 2005]
Aural Imbalance - Proximity Alert [Ascendant Grooves, 1999]
Blu Mar Ten - Futureproof [Good Looking, 1997]
Alaska - Moraine [Arctic Music, 2012]
Intense - 1st Contact [Vibez, 1996]
Seba - Vanity [Warm Communications, 2011]
Johnny L - This Time (Cool Dub) [XL, 1996]
Second Vision - The Italian Job [Good Looking, 1999]
Heavyweight - Another World [Channel 5, 1996]
Breakage & Rohan - Ruff Dub [Bassbin, 2006]


Go Murray!!! (still valid, at the time of writing)

Yo yo yo, The train keeps on rolling and the episodes keep coming jumping aboard, this one has been 13 years in the making featuring releases as far back as 1996 and artist you wouldn't expect to be featured on a tracklist together, explaining a quirky story of one man and his mind. Story “We’re Under The Radar now! Play it for Me” he asked Through the Bass Speaker he exclaimed, that would take "Dayz" I suggested. “Fine” he replied. Suddenly a Cold Halo of doubt gathered over me, I thought what if he asks me to Replay the Funktion. Or find a Hopscotch grid Closer to Memory Park “That makes no sense”, you say to yourself, Your mind is teasing you Soon the Voices Inside Your Mind are Semi Conversation One’s a Human Reptile and Code Breaker and the other a Circuit Breaker Together they create a duo playing Strontium Jazz, and Moon Rappin' Tracklist Pieter K - Under The Radar (Remix) [Breakbeat Science, 2002] DJ Die - Play it for Me (Part II) [V Recordings, 1997] Flynn & Flora - Bass Speaker (The UFO Mixdown) [Independent Dealers, 1996] Roni Size - Dayz [V Recordings, 1996] Calibre - Cold Halo [Revolve:r, 2004] Logistics - Replay [Hospital, 2004] Ed Rush & Optical - Funktion [V Recordings, 1998] Roni Size & Krust - Hopscotch [Full Cycle, 2000] Die - Closer (Ray Keith Remix) [V Recordings, 2000] << D-Bridge - Memory Park [MPFree, 2009] DJ Trax - Voices (Ricky Force Remix) [Audio Buffet, 2009] Seba - Inside your Mind [Secret Operations, 2003] DJ Trax - Semi Conversation (Fanu Remix) [Audio Buffet, 2009] Teebee - Human Reptile (Remix) [Subtitles, 2004] Dylan - Code Breaker [Droppin’ Science, 1997] Decoder - Circuit Breaker (Peshay Remix) [Tech Itch Recordings, 1997] Future Forces Inc - Strontium Jazz (Dillinja Remix) [Renegade Hardware, 1998] Nucleus & Paradox - Moon Rappin [Reinforced, 2004]


Searching the musical spectrum to bring you the choice cuts (that I haven't yet played on the podcast) we find the middle ground. Don't let the name fool this mix still packs in nice drawn out transitions, bass switches and carries on a musical journey that you all come to expect from the Beat Cave.

Enjoy, you don't get make people knocking up mixes like this these days.
It's got broken beat in it, Get involved!!!

Dego - What Ever [2000 Black]
Karizma - Good Morning [BBE]
Sandra St Victor - At My Sphere [Strategic Soul Ventures]
Dorian Concept - The Fucking Formula [Kindred Spirits]
2000 Black - Don’t Make Me Hurt You [2000 Black]
Umod - Deadlock Demo [MPFree]
Moodymann - Black Mahogani [Peacefrog]
Rosey - One (Seiji Remix) [Giant Step]
IG Culture - Laser [Co-Op]
Aroop Roy - Step Back (Yellowtail Remix) [Freestyle]
Maddslinky ft Omar - Special (Atjazz Remix) [Tru Thoughts]
Simbad - Soul Fever (Kerri Chandler Remix) [Raw Fusion]
Shokazulu - Dis Yah One I Love [2000 Black]
Mizz Beats - Pimpin’ [Eglo]
Blu James - Spaceships (Simbad Dub) [MPFree]
Bugz in The Attic - Tell Him (2006 Remix) [BBE]
Altered Natives - What Life Once Was [Eye4Eye]
Freeform Five - Electromagnetic (Seiji Remix) [Four Music]
Karizma - Drumz Nightmare [R2]
Nepa Allstar - The Way [Surplus]


Hello everybody, it's been a while, and to put it bluntly I've been holding out on you.
This mix was recorded over a month ago, but I was trying save it so as to not have a back to back tough dnb selections, This mix again is packing some serious weight.

This one is a mix that I suppose emulates the weather here in London, starting of nice and summery then plunges dark and moody before clearing up at the later stages.

Promising to come back within a week, To make up for the lack of April podcasts, this is me saying, "I'm still here"

Chase & Status ft Digga - Take you there [Ram]
Artificial Intelligence - Let it Be (ft Steo) [V Recordings]
Doc Scott - NHS (Total Science Remix) [31 Records]
Agor(e) - Mind of God (D-Fect Remix) [Scientific Wax]
Equinox - Paralayze Babylon [Paradox Music]
Alaska & Nucleus - Project Two [Nexus]
B-Key - Scatter [Sci Limited]
Dub-One - King Operator [Scientific Wax]
Madcap & Andy Skopes - These sounds [Renegade]
Equinox - Looking at the Moon [Sci Limited]
Equinox - Acid Rain (Breakage Remix) [Inperspective]
Hidden Agenda - Dispatches Pt 1 [Metalheadz]
Equinox - Troubled Mind (Imagine The Future) [Inperspective]
Ed Rush - Skylab [Metalheadz]
B-Key - Third Parallel [Scientific Wax]
Commix - Talk To Frank [Metalheadz]



And we're back, beat cave in full swing.

Dropping some serious weight in this instalment.

Blackman Harris - Prophecy VIP [Scientific Wax]
Breakage - Bring Back [Bassbin]
Nebula - Trespass [Scientific Wax]
Seba & Paradox - Frost [Bassbin]
Nebula - Prototype Chords [Subtle Audio Digital]
Double O - Love of Jah [Hidden Hawaii]
DJ Trax - A Thousand Pictures [Audio Buffet]
Dub-One - Murder Sound (B-Key Remix) [Scientific Wax]
Dub-One - Fallen Society [Sci Limited]
Paradox - Cure of Coincidence [Paradox Music]
B-Key - Guitars Tune [Scientific Wax]
Silenitum - Hangman's Lullaby (Fanu Remix) [Lightless]
Seba & Paradox - It’s Not a Dream [Paradox Music]
Nebula - Mystic [Unsigned]
Fracture & Neptune - Sound Spectrum ‘96 [Subtle Audio]
Fanu - Shogun (Remix) [MPFree]
Fanu - Circle of Sycamore Trees [Warm Communications]
Nebula - Black Semi Square [Unsigned]

Not much to say with today's offering, just enjoy the weight and the beats.

Ohhh and happy mother's days (to all the amen loving mums, lol)


Back again, this time rinsing the modern dnb. Predominately autonomic in flavour, some pretty nice mixes in this one (isn't there always?)

Starting soft before turning spacey, then dark, then spacey, then dark before finishing rolling.

Let me know what you think?

Stray - Pushed [Exit]
Instra:Mental - No Future (Consequence Remix) [Unreleased//MPFree]
ASC - Another Late Night [Auxiliary]
Synkro - Letting Go [Blackout]
ASC - Gestures [Auxiliary]
Anile - Lessons to Become [Phunkfiction]
Digital - Weatherman [Exit]
dBridge - Love Hotel [Exit]
ASC - Starkwood [Autonomic]
Spectrasoul - Glimpse ft. dBridge [Shogun Audio]
dBridge - Rendezvous [Exit]
Enei & EastColors - Orion [Blackout Music]
ASC - The Alchemist [Auxiliary]
Paradox - 96 Paragons [Freak]
Chris Inperspective - Biffy’s Not Here [INP Digital]
Fracture & Neptune - Widescreen [Astrophonica]
High Contrast - If We Ever [Hospital]

This one goes out to the fan who just this morning requested a new podcast.


Back again, in quick succession to make up for the missing episode. Starting of with a heavy dose of amen and chopping it up before going deep in the vinyl shelves for some jungle vibes.

Sunday vibes a plenty with this one, strictly vinyl!

J-Majik - Arabian Nights [Metalheadz]
Dillinja - Ya Know Ja Big [Metalheadz]
Flynn & Flora - Feel Free [Independent Dealers]
Innervisions - Southern Comfort [Basement]
Lemon D - Jah Love [Conqueror]
Dillinja - Heavenly Bass [Logic]
Leon Mar - The man who felt to earth [Reinforced]
Tom & Jerry - Air Fresher [Tom & Jerry]
Lemon D - I can’t stop [V Recordings]
Mixrace Productions - Troubled Thoughts [Mob Handed]
Dillinja - Perfect Match [Deadly Vinyl]
Aquarius - Aquatic [Good Looking]
PFM - Western (Conrad Remix) [Good Looking]
Sounds of Life - Hidden Rooms [Certificate 18]
New Blood - Worries In The Dance [No Frills/London Some’ting]
Just Jungle - Sky [Trouble On Vinyl]



Anyone? No?

Anyway, If you never made it down here's a taster

Aim - Loop Dreams [Grand Central]
Mark de Clive-Lowe - Syndrome [Antipodean]
Common - Funky for you [MCA]
Delinquent Habits - Return Of The Tres (Instrumental) [Ark 21 Records]
NSM - The Hype (Re Rinse) [Jazzy Sport]
Omni Trio - Haunted King [Moving Shadow]
Troubleman - The Righteous Path [Far Out]
Visioneers - Replay [BBE]
A Tribe Called Quest - Award Tour [Jive]
Mr Scruff - So Long [Ninja Tune]
Jehst - Under The Weather [LowLife]
Blackstarr - Astronomy [Rawkus]
A Tribe Called Quest - Once Again [Jive]
Micall Parkinson & Verb-T - Dunya (My World) (Remix) [Low Life]
Spooks - Things I’ve Seen [Artemis Records]
Kid Loops - Wick Loops [Filter]
Freesoul Sessions - Won’t Bring It Down [Antipodean]
Hefner - Dive Into You (IG Culture's New Sector Movements Remix) [Inertia]
Bloodfire - Good Lovin' is Good Lovin' [Bloodfire]

It's not happening anymore, but one day............ something else will happen.

Back for the first instalment of the 2012 series and I start with ravey jump up dnb. See what you think, not that much fresh (2011/2012) stuff, but hey I try to only play tracks once, so they are all fresh to the cave. I notice there's alot of Metalheadz in this one, these are from the time that every headz release was worth bagging, now they are worth checking but not an instant bag. Fresh - All Strung Out [Metalheadz] << Adam Freeland - We Want your Soul (Ed Rush & Optical Remix) [White] Ebony Dusters - Murderation (Jungle Mix) [Ebony] Trinity - Warp [Chronic] Friction & Nu Balance - Robocop [Tru Playaz] Beta 2 - Crystal Meth [Metalheadz] Concord Dawn - Say Your Words [Metalheadz] D-Bridge & Vegas - True Romance [Metalheadz] Trace & Fresh - Mutated (Version X) [Breakbeat Punk] The Militia - Electrolux [Charge] << Hive - Neo [Violence] Noisia - Brainstitch [Shogun Audio] Spectrasoul - Reminiscence [Shogun Audio] Loxy & Ink - Twisted 3rd Mind [Metalheadz] Future Prophecies - Rage [Renegade Hardware] Concord Dawn Vs Ill Skillz - I’ll be there 4 U in the Morning Light [Shout] Photek - Age of Empires [Metalheadz] Teebee - Liquid Light [Subtitles] A-Sides - Helsinki 2K [Eastside] << Twisted Individual - Gimp Mask [Formation] Enjoy.

And the final instalment from the cave for 2011 is a little party mix of the kind of tunes you'd catch me playing at house party.

Featuring a bunch of 90's to late 00's hip-hop and R&B and some bits in-between.

Something to get your new year celebrations started.
And knowing that most folks will see this after the new year, it still makes a good little listen.

Steve Spacek - Dollar [Sound In Color/BBE]
Mono/Poly - Oil Fields [Fat City]
ARP 101 - Dead Leaf [Eglo]
Baron Zen - Burn Rubber (Dam Funk Remix) [Stones Throw]
Die Bend - My Mighty [MPFree]
Queens English - Keep On [IQ]
Foxy Brown ft Blackstreet - Get You Home [Def Jam]
Total - Sitting Home (Remix ft Shyne) [Bad Boy]
Juganot - En Why Cee [Strictly Live Music]
Common - The Game [Geffen]
LL Cool J - Doin’ It [Def Jam]
Nas - If I Ruled The World [Columbia]
Xzibit - Paparazzi (Instrumental) [Loud Records]
De La Soul - All Good [Tommy Boy Music]
Lynden David Hall - Forgive Me (Ignorants Club Mix) [Cooltempo]
Warren G - The Game Don’t Wait (Remix) [Restless Records]
Skibadee - Tika Toc (Instrumental) [Ahead Of The Game]
Phat Kat - Don't Nobody Care About Us [House Shoes Recordings]
Total - Trippin’ (Remix ft DMX) [Bad Boy]
Ghostpoet - Survive It (Gang Panang Remix) [Brownswood]
Mia Doi Todd - My Room is White (Flying Lotus Remix) [Plug Research]
Goldie - State Of Mind [F.F.R.R]
Talib Kweli & Hi-Tek - Love Language (ft les Nubians) [Rawkus]
Talib Kweli & Hi-Tek - Love Speakeasy [Rawkus]

and a happy years to you.

ohhh and BTW that calendar shows all the publish dates for this year's Podcast, I guess it's clear I went AWOL for the first 4 months, hehe but I don't see that happening in 2012

Bring on the beats.


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