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Going deep in the jungle with this one. Draw deep in the cave Some tasty double drops in this one Brainkillers - Screwface [Kemet] System X - Got to Believe [3rd Eye] Lemon D - Deep Space (I See The Sunshine) (Remix Part 1) [Planet Earth] Mirage - Deep Rage [Odysee] << The Sentinel - Heavy Vibes [Basement] Basic Influence - Still Waters [Hardleaders] Lemon D - Don’t Make Me Wait [Conqueror] Dillinja - You Don’t Know [Logic] Tom & Jerry - Maximum Booty Style Part III [Tom & Jerry] Shogun - Pegasus [Renegade] Aquarius & Tayla - Bring Me Down [Good Looking] Source Direct - Bliss [Source Direct] Peshay - On The Nile [Metalheadz] Die - Achilles Heel (Remix) [Full Cycle] Kym Mazell - Genius (Dillinja Remix) [Funki Dreds] Source Direct - Fabric of Space [Source Direct] No time for chat let's roll Enjoy

It's not easy compiling a broken beat mix in today's musical climate. Few are making it like they used to and there's no dedicated regular nights to showcase any new music, which is fine I guess, Because people aren't producing it (well I definitely ain't hearing it. Though Kaidi & Mark Force say there are holding). So a musical aggregator like myself has to wade through the new releases digital cause they mostly are these days. with little in the way of mainstream playlists on DJ sets to give a heads on what's forthcoming.

But with a sprinkling of the older stuff still not spun on the cave 1's and 2's, a dubstep tune (shocker) and some goodies from the old hands of the game (Mr Dego & Seiji). I bring you probably the best broken beat mix you've/you'll hear all year.

Listen and report back

KV5 - Without Sound [Proflica]
Lazer Kru - Flatline (Jonny Miller Remix) [Unreleased/Broadcite Dub]
Dego - Not In My Disco [2000 Black]
Seiji & Bémbé Ségué - Get it Together [Seijigoodies MPFree]
Synkro & Indigo - Knowing You [Brownswood]
Mark de Clive-Lowe - State of Mental (Phuturistix Remix) [ABB Soul]
Erro - Don't Change (Broken Mix) [Yourba]
Seiji - Loose Lips [Bitasweet]
Soul Fuzion feat. Vee - I Got Rhythm (Broken Mix) [Dopewax]
2000 Black - Forgot the Steel Pans [MPFree]
Art Bleek- Outerspace Soul [Raw Fusion]
Soulparlor - We Ride The Sky [BPSS]
Dego - As Is [2000 Black MPFree]
Pablo Sanchez - Release Da Freak .ft Colonel Red (Simbad Remix) [Wonderwheel]
Blaze - My Beat [Slipe’n’Slide]
Vikter Duplaix - Looking For Love (Bugz In The Attic Remix) [Hollywood/V2]
Marc Mac - Throwdown [Twisted Funk]
Phuturistix - Beautiful (Bugz In The Attic Remix) [Hospital]
Souled - Ad Moods [Fresh Minute Music MPFree]

Consider it a late birthday presie.



Going in with the selection, digging deep this one should appeal to anyone looking for a soundtrack to jump around the house while doing those Sunday things you gotta do. Posted late night on a Sunday, its technically Monday here. I guess its for next Sunday's housework, Anyway enjoy it whenever you choose to.

Assuming you like old dnb that is.

Peshay - The Real Thing [MoWax]
Photek - Fusion [Photek]
LTJ Bukem - Horizons [Looking Good]
Leon Mar - Runnin’ [Reinforced]
Source Direct - Artificial Barriers [Source Direct]
J-Majik - Daybreak [Metalheadz]
Seba - Universal Music [Good Looking]
Futurebound - Blue Mist [Timeless]
JLM Productions - Autumn [Reinforced]
Reprezent - Hot Stuff [Talkin’ Loud]
Polska - Burning Sun (Reborn Remix) [Subtle Audio]
Fallen Angel - Hello Lover [Desired State Remix] [IQ Records]
System Ex - Mind Games [3rd Eye]
Equinox - Thoughts Of Tomorrow [Scientific Wax Retro]
Danny Breaks - For The Thinking Positive Crew [Droppin’ Science]
J-Majik - Your Sound [Metalheadz]
Oblivion - Night Windows [Streetbeats]
The Sentinel - Dig Deeper [Basement]

Enjoy folks, catch you at the next one.

Should be on time, featuring the ever illusive broken beat selection. Switching between the rare new and yet played classics (I knew holding back on some of big classics would come in handy)


Returning with a little break from the norm, a party set of many styles all in one set.
You won't hear this on Radio 1.

Similar mixed bag to the music I used to play at Cocomo. Remember that place? Nah i didn't think so, lol

No ace of base in sight.

Sorry for the delay on this one, the next one will be on time (this Sunday, so that makes it the return of the Sunday selection)

Restless Soul - Turn Me Out (Dub) [Raw Fusion]
Mos Def - Jam On It [EMI]
Trouble Funk - Early In the Morning [D.E.T.T]
Fela Kuti & Africa ‘70 - Everything Scatter [Wrasse]
Horace Parlan - Congalegra [Blue Note]
The Hot 8 Brass Band - Sexual Healing (Re-Edit) [Tru-Thoughts]
James Moody And His Bop Man With Art Blakey - Tin Tin Deo [Blue Note]
The Pharcyde - Passin’ Me By [Delicious Vinyl]
Common - I Used To Love H.E.R [MCA]
Del The Funky Homosapien - Corner Story [Hiero Imperium]
Roots Manuva - Dreamy Days [Big Dada]
Mya ft Jay-Z - Best In Me (Holla Remix) [Interscope]
Brotherman - Mini Gorillas [Suspect Packages]
Foreign Beggars - Keep It Comin’ ft Skinnyman & Jehst [Dented]
Talib Kweli & Hi-Tek - The Blast (Remix ft Erykah Badu) [Rawkus]
A Tribe Called Quest - Electric Relaxation [Jive]
Zed Bias ft Jenna G - Change Your Mind [Development]
Jamie Lidell's - A Little bit of Feel Good (Dorian Concept Remix) [T.L.M]
Slick Rick - Children's Story [Def Jam]
A Tribe Called Quest - Luck of Lucien [Jive]
Ghost ft Asaviour - On The Right Track [Breakin’ Bread]
A Tribe Called Quest - Lyrics To Go [Jive]

Enjoy, and please like and 1+ the podcast if you want to show your support, button now in the bottom box on the left.


Back, and on time. The cave puts out another dnb outing to take you on a journey.

Recording during the great unrest of 2011, no not the UK riots.
That 'holiday' I had a couple of months back that produced about 5 recorded (and still forthcoming) mixes.

Starting light before touching on some harder beats, all planned to create twisting virtual sound scape.

Naibu - Theme From Harajuku Station [Subtle Audio]
Nebula - Escher [Outsider]
Anile & Synth Sense ft Rose - Seeking you [Deep Soul Music]
Dan Habarnam - Nu Este Roz [Exit]
Distance - Sky’s Alight [Autonomic]
Amit - 9 Times ft Rani [Commercial Suicide]
Fracture & Neptune - Customtone [Astrophonica]
Code 3 - Double Dipped [Critical]
Optical - Movimg 808's [Prototype]
Code 3 - Chasm [Exit]
Macc - Nuñez [Transmute]
Seba - Gold & Diamonds [Vibez]
Seba & Paradox - The Dribbler [Secret Operations]
Ulterior Motive & FD - All That We Are [Metalheadz]
Skream - Motorway [Exit]
Rockwell - Stowaway Dub [Digital Soundboy]
Spectrasoul - Lost Disciple [Shogun Audio]
Macc - If... [Outsider]
Nebula - Warm Currents [Subtle Audio]



And we're back, late again despite the title.
This IS one I prepared earlier featuring a return of the long awaited broken beat selection which is hard to come by these days in my opinion. Some old bits, some new bits and some bits that aren't even broken.

Keeping the line diverse.

Foreign Beggars - Keeping The Line Fat [Dented]
Karizma - Drumz Nightmare [R2]
Ezel - In My Lifetime (Instramental) [Ocha]
Block 16 - Morning Sun (Pepe Brackdock Remix) [BBE]
Martyn - Megadrive Generation [Hyperdub]
Lazer Kru - Firecracker [Broadcite]
Greymatter ft Domu - Watch Dis [Unique Uncut]
Karizma - Groove Da Dub [R2]
Lazer Kru - Loss of Our Life [Broadcite]
Martyn - Eldon Street [3024]
Jazztronik - Samurai [Pantone]
Lazer Kru ft Andrea Clarke - Funk Thang [Broadcite]
Domuforce - Izitobe [Treble O]
Daz-I-Kue - In the Middle (Feat Joy Jones - Domu Mix - vox) [Future Soul Records]
Kele Le Roc - That Rhythm [Freelance Diva]
Jazzanova - I Can See (Fromwood’s Tritubte Remix) [Unreleased/CDR]
Pavel Kostiuk - South Pacific [2000 Black]
Aroop Roy - Told Me (Lay-Far Remix)[Freestyle]


PS, and a massive big up to Fromwood (http://soundcloud.com/fromwood) for the track, what I need more of these days, great stuff.

Morning/Afternoon/Evening (whatever day phase this transmission reaches you) Welcome, This time we have something a little different for you, not in musical tastes as such, more a differing in method of compilation. In a hybrid of the styles, one when 'a man named nayf from a forum few would have heard called dnba, who would compile a tracklist for a mix of another DJ's collections dug through on discogs mixed by a that DJ as they choose' style and the old back to back style (without the second DJ being present) My man Snakey, from the DNBA 'elite' provided the skeleton of a tracklisting within the den rule that a tune can't have used before, (which somehow still produced at least 5 ineligible tunes, lol. Which where replaced by my own selection/weapons I have been storing. I would give a breakdown of where this events occur and whos selection is whos but they're all my tunes anyway, so I would have got round to them eventally and it don't really add to the experience so it not worth the words really. Artwork created by Snakey himself for the mix. http://www.flickr.com/photos/5nakey/ Croms - Invisible Cities [Exit] ASC - Porcelain [NonPlus+] DJ Die - Achilles Heel [Full Cycle] Genotype - Further Searching [Exit] Breakage - Mars [Bassbin] Photek - The End (Remix) [Photek Productions] Code 3 - Living Proof [Exit] Source Direct - Mind Weaver [Science/Virgin] The Militia - You & I know [Charge] Bad Company - The Womb [BCUK] John B - Up All Night (Remix) [Metalheadz] << Danny Break - Solar Jive [Droppin’ Science] Pendulum - Back 2 you [Timeless] The Invaderz - Revealed [Metalheadz] Influx UK - Shine [Formation] D.Kay - The Martians [Freak] << Dub One - Murder Sound (B Key Remix) [Scientific Wax] Optical - To Shape the Future VIP [Metalheadz] D Kay & Epilson - Space Quest [Soul:R] A-Sides - Showstopper [Metalheadz] Enjoy Next I return with some thing non dnb (finally i know, and it's all ready to roll)

I suppose now that I (believe I) know the number of regular listeners you guess you would say I should look to expand on those numbers, and I yes you could say the previous show was an attempt to do so, with some lovely dnb rollers that should appeal to the mainstream dnb market (if back in 2004), this podcast takes in it an sharp twist, starting up sythy and autonomic before hitting euphoric amens then drifting into a dark choppy jungle of amens before finishing in the interstellar darkness all without a drop of liquid in slight. (Again yes the picture has water, so again a slight contradiction but once you're 10 minutes in I think you'll find the image fitting)

Something that may not suit the casual dnb listener but goes deep in terms of bass and selection

I suppose this is half a step away from pots and pans, but believe me, that's coming soon too.

They Live - Pure Palms [Autonomic]
Commix - City Section [Exit]
Vaccine - Ochre [NonPlus+]
Synkro - Open Arms [Exit]
Fracture ft Chewie - Brainfreeze [Astrophonica]
Loxy & Resound - Vertigo [Exit]
Nebula - Model Projection [Sci Ltd] AMEN
Klute - Hell Hath no Fury [Commercial Suicide] AMEN
Alaska & Robert Manos - Dolorous [Arctic]
Equinox - Coastal Vision (Nebula Remix) [Subtle Audio Digital] AMEN
Fracture & Neptune - Forgotten Roads [Astrophonica] AMEN
Alaska - Amzinai [Arctic]
Nebula - The Truth [Scientific Wax] AMEN
Dub One - Volcon [Extinction Agenda] AMEN
Fracture & Neptune - Visions of Amen [Subvert Central] AMEN
B-Key - The Mask [Scientific Wax] AMEN
Alaska - Perimeter Two [Vibez] AMEN
Mecca - Virtual Affair [Subtle Audio]

If there are any listeners left after this I'll see you on the other side for some verses action.



And I return,

Things in the den are going amazingly well, But the summer in London is finally here (so they say), and a icy field is your visual simulation, you would think I wasn't happy about the weather. Maybe it's just my imagination being on the haunting wintery setting, that makes this image seem relatable to this mix as it reaches 'Ancestral'. Apart from that little section the mix has real summer feel to it, rollers from start to finish. You cannot not enjoy it. (Yes that was intentional)

Rave Save? I 'little' deplorable I hear you say? Well I suppose in sum respect you're right, it's very barley-esque, but f@*% it,

It's a quote from Human Traffic which I thought was a great film and this is a great party mix without a 'tough' tune in sight. so the mix does what is says on the ti(n/tile) regardless of the image used.

Suv Feat. Marta - Alfombra Magica [Full Cycle]
Danny Breaks - Return of the Space Maiden [Droppin' Science]
London Elektricity - Songs In the key of knife [Hospital]
Calibre - If.. [Soul:R]
Marcus Intalex - Airbourne [Soul:R]
High Contrast - Twilight's Last Gleaming [Hospital]
Calibre - Mars & Venus [Signature]
Marcus Intalex - Temperance [Soul:R]
Calibre - Even If [Signature]
Alaska - Ancestral [Arctic]
Seba & Paradox - The Light [Critical]
Breakage - Stoneheart [Bassbin]
Krust - Jazz Note (Total Science Remix) [V Recordings]
Raf & Ill Logic - Forever [Liquid V]
Influx UK - Sing Out [Formation]
Shy FX & T Power Feat. Yush - Lovers Rock [Digital Soundboy]
MIST & High Contrast - 3am [Soul:R]
Calibre - Bluetop [Innerground]
St:Cal - Red Light [Soul:R]

Ohhh and behind the scenes it's all kicking off down at the community forums at podomatic, (sounds so village like) podcasters aren't happy with the new rankings and statistics supplied, but regardless of them you can help me out by 'liking' podcast and 'playlisting' the mixes if you're a podomatic member or playing and embedding (now enabled) on your blogs/tweeets/facebooks.

Ofcourse, no pressure I'll still be here regardless, lol



BACK, that's right!
Handing out the goodies once again, this time of the broken variety, slim pickings as that is this days. When combined with some classics, digging and breaks create a lovely summery mix for you folks.

It's times like these that I remember why I started mixing tunes over seven summers and (it's actually eight, but hey I had some alliteration going there!) and why I still love doing this today.(Though none of these artist today actually got me mixing)

I shouldn't really be giving away my musical past so candidly. If I ever start making tunes and giving interviews, I want to be able to give the standard "I starting DJing in the early 90's playing acid house and techno and breaks" line or face expulsion from the underground community, but Hey F@*& It

Daz-I-Kue & Soulparlor pres. Stan Steam - C’mon Rock [OM]
Dego - Eyelids Heavy [MPFree]
Altered Natives - Cold Shower [Eye4Eye]
Mustafa feat. Carlene Graham - Energize (Aphrodisiax Broken Vox Mix) [Staff Productions]
Jafrosax feat Vikter Duplaix - Morning (Orto Remix) [Pantone]
C.9ine feat Kholi - Chasing Part 1 (Atjazz Remix) [Atjazz Music]
Cesaria Evora - Sangue De Beirona (Main Pass by François K) [Lusafrica]
Simon Grey - One Chance (Domu Remix)[Papa]
Seiji - 3Dom [Bitasweet]
SpyMusic - Aerodescent [DMS Country]
Plantflife - The Last Song (Bugz in the attic Dub) [Gut Records]
Mark De Clive Lowe - Tonight’s the night [Strictly Rhythm]
Tom & Joy - Antigua (Bob Sinclar "Amour Kéfé" Remix) [Yellow Productions]
Delilah - Are you ready (Souled lots of drums Edit) [Dub/CDR]
Souled - Soilder dub [MPFree]
Dego - Late Night Fright [2000 Black]
Naked Funk - The Fan [Pussyfoot]
Paradox & Alaska - Vigilante [Paradox Music]

(Actually perhaps I shouldn't be so general that's not the norm any more)

Ohhhhh and no I didn't get the name from the release Blue Mar Ten release I've only just seen that and I've had this name for over a year now. So don't start.

AND on final notes, really sorry to anyone who is noticing the dodge audio quality on the last few mixes will sort out a better way of recording ASAP, and after to listening this on the way to work I might start uploading a higher quality version to my soundcloud for the first (and probably only) 100 people because, with this mix I fully see that 128k MP3s barely do the music justice and the WAV sounds so much fuller.

Till the next one, Enjoy &



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